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Business Support

We are not just an IT provider, we are business partners. When you partner up with DMAX IT we don’t just fix broken computers, we mange your entire IT system to keep it up to date and secure, and prevent future issues from occurring in the first place.

We use a proactive Management Workflow to keep your system online and up to date, eliminating down time, keeping you and your team free to do your work without interference. 

Managed IT And Network Solutions

Stay Seated & keep working, we can service remotely

In todays hyper connected world we have the ability to service remotely. This enables us to save you time and money. We can service remotely and without having to factor in additional transport costs.

Our remote Service Software goes so far as to allow us to monitor your system remotely in the background, in real time. This enables us to prevent issues from happening, and perform updates and patches before they cause problems.

Managed IT and Network Solutions for Growing Business

What Makes Us Different

Fast and Efficient

With the aid of our tools and remote management software, we are able to catalogue your entire IT setup and monitor every aspect of it. This enables us to very quickly service your system.

In the event something does crash, we have the knowledge, information and tools on hand to repair it in record time. As apposed to reverse engineering your setup to diagnose the issue.

Experienced Professionals

With 4 years experience in the industry, and experience in IT, computer repairs, Software trouble shooting, Networking and cabling.

We are able to provide a high standard of services  relevant to your business.

Advanced Solutions

From New PC or Server Deployment, to software installation, networking, user management setups, and managed backup systems.

We are able to provide Business grade Managed IT & Network solutions at high standards.

Competitive Prices

We are dedicated to finding you a reasonable and competitive price while providing a great service that is right for you.

Give us a call and setup a on site meeting free of charge and we can discuss it.

Friendly & Reliable

Finding an affordable, experienced and trustworthy IT provider is not the easiest thing to do.

Our Service runs on a partnership business module. So we are partnered with you in managing and maintain your IT system.

We only grow if your business does as well.


Schedule an Onsite Appointment at Your Business Office fREE OF CHARGE and we can go through your current setup and requirements, and find a good price and service that works for you.

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